Chelan: 9 Acres on Iowa Road in Chelan area. (Chelan)

Chelan: 9 Acres on Iowa Road in Chelan area. 1 thumbnailChelan: 9 Acres on Iowa Road in Chelan area. 2 thumbnailChelan: 9 Acres on Iowa Road in Chelan area. 3 thumbnailChelan: 9 Acres on Iowa Road in Chelan area. 4 thumbnailChelan: 9 Acres on Iowa Road in Chelan area. 5 thumbnailChelan: 9 Acres on Iowa Road in Chelan area. 6 thumbnailChelan: 9 Acres on Iowa Road in Chelan area. 7 thumbnailChelan: 9 Acres on Iowa Road in Chelan area. 8 thumbnail
Chelan: 9 Acres on Iowa Road in Chelan area. (Chelan)

Chelan: 9 Acres on Iowa Road in Chelan area.

Zoning. Commercial

Price: $1.73M
On: 4-23-2020 The surveyor was out and placed new corner markers on the property corners. So all the corner surveyor property markers have been driven into the ground with the surveyor seal on top of it. Also the wooden stacks was placed at the surveyor marker so they can be visually seen by just looking down the property line.

The surveyor said he would send a copy to me of the map with all the surveyor markings on it. This would be a copy that I can give you for your surveyor to look at and check out for you.

I believe the following would be the measurements of the lots. Don't hold me to it, the map will tell what they are exactly in feet and inches.

Lot 3-4-5 along road
10 in back of 5 going south

Lot 3 is 165 feet wide (going W-E) along the county road x 297 feet deep (going N-S)
Lot 4 is same as above
Lot 5 is same as above
Lot 10 is 330 feet wide (going W-E) and 660 feet deep (going N-S).

All lots will be sold together and who every buys it can sell the lots individually if they want to. My luck, I would sell a lot and a person would come by and want to buy it all after the the one lot was sold.
To get a good overhead picture of the property, go to google map and put the satellite picture on and locate the property and zoom in on it. The property has changed per seasons with what is out here. Something come in and some goes out. but the overhead picture view is good.

It is about 1/4 mile outside the city limits of Chelan. So, all building permits are through the County.

Property is in Chelan County.

Located on County paved road.

Industrial Area.

RV Spaces, Electricity at 7 out of 10 RV Spaces at this time.

60 x114 ft cement floor for large shop building to be built on it.

Water, electrical and sewers are on property that we are using it.

You can continue to use it as I'm doing or level everything and build a development with paved county road access directly along the property. Property is right next to the county road.

There is a flat area that has nothing on it that is about 90 feet wide(going N-S) and 330 feet long (going E-W) on the south side of my fence that can make a good mini storage for the area. Or, build 3, 100x50 or 60 foot buildings along the 330 feet and rent space for storage of boats in them.

I always thought that this would be a nice place to put storage units in that were 14 feet wide by 30 feet deep and put a loft and storage area the same size on top of it. Put large window and door going out to a 6 foot deck. That way you could store cars, boats, jet ski's, atv's in the bottom area and personal/business items in boxes in the upstairs area and if need be, spend the night there.
I thought about building a motel unit with 40 rooms and make a income in the summer time and if that didn't work, I could sell the units as condo's and they could have one of the storage units in the back for there storage for there boat or what ever.
As you can see, this all takes money to do, and Dreams are free.

Come look at it and you make up your own mind if you see a use for it.

Build a Condominium or Apartment buildings or get approved for low income Apartments or Housing like they have up the road from us.

Chelan is in need for low income housing. Look into it if you want to build them. They seem to always be filled up here in Chelan.

Put homes on it like other developments are doing.

Riverwalk trail is across the road from the property and you can walk to the City of Chelan for shopping.

To put in a big development, you must get permission for water and sewer from the city for the big development. This may or may not be approved, I have never asked them.

A Development would be using a lot of water and you would need to get hooked to the city water and sewer line that goes to the sewer plant.

This property is in the county and probably would not be allowed into the city limits because of it being surrounded by another Private Property owner that will not develop their property. The person over the hill from me in the county is on city water and they got hooked up back in the 30's or so.

It's nice not having neighbors to complain unless the ones across the Chelan river gorge hears loud bangs or in succession of them coming from here but it's ok since the property is in the county.

I have taken over to sell the property myself.

Phone number to text is listed above in the reply box.

Give me TEXT and make arrangement for me to show you the property.

Or, drive by and see it yourself.

You can stop and I can talk to you and walk you through the property if you want and explain things that are here.

I have been using the property for MH spaces and RV Spaces, tow impound yard, auto repair garage and wrecking yard and to keep and store other items here.

I live here in one of the Travel Trailers so it's close to everything that I do.

It's close to Chelan so it's nice to get auto parts quickly or to go to the hardware store and the grocery store.

The boat launch is down by the dam so it's easy to put your boat or jet ski into the water to play on the lake.

Reason for selling, RETIRING, I hope and moving on.

I can not finance or carry the contract on the property.

It has to be a Cash Sale and you get the title in your name and you can develop it, build a business here, build a house on it, put storage units on it, live on it, do whatever with it.

There is a lot of opportunity here.

This will be done through Attorney's so we know the transaction will go through.

You can try going to your own bank or other loan institutions and apply for a loan and see if they will finance you on this property.

The sale price on the property is valued competitively to others in the Chelan area, it is not cheap.

Developers: I was thinking and thought I would draw out lots on paper for Lot 3 which is 165 feet wide along the road and 297 feet deep going back, which is going South from the paved road.

If this lot is broken down into feet you can get a good 10-12 lots on this property. Each lot size would be 50 feet wide by 82.5. A road needs to be put into the property to get to all the lots. So the size of the lots would be around 50 feet by 65 feet I'm guessing. This would put a road down the middle of the lots around 30 feet wide.
If you don't want a single family, then you could put a duplex on one and rent one unit out to make your payments on the lot and duplex.

Now, how much can the sale of the lots bring in when they are sold. If you put a price of $100K on them then that would bring in quite a bit on this lot 3. There are 3 lots that this can be done to. On lot 10, that goes up the hill south of lot 5. When the surveyor was surveying the property, he said that leveled out area would make a nice place to put a house. So that got me thinking about how many homes can be put on that 330 feet by 660 feet property that would have a view of the city. I would guess somewhere around around 8 lots could be placed on this property. These lots would be 82.50 wide by 330 deep for each of the 8 lots. How much these would sell for is out of my area of pricing and a realtor would be the one to ask.

Think about it, it may work for you.

Remember to TEXT or EMAIL for information.

Thanks for looking at this

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