Property by Carlton, WA. on SR 153 mp 23 (Carlton)

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Property by Carlton, WA. on SR 153 about mile post 23.? about a mile or so south of Carlton.

SR153 & Dancing Bear Road.

Google Maps this address in Search Box for a good overhead picture of the property.
2124 Methow Valley Hwy, Carlton, WA

This address should put you at the intersection at SR153 & Dancing Bear Road.
Property is right there on the left hand side of the hiway and south where you see the cement foundation.
The property is where the fence is which is shown by the weeds along the fence line.

SR153 is on the east side of the Property Line.

Dancing Bear Road in on the north Property Line of the property

Pictures: I took pictures with my camera of the County Map, Zillow Property Value Map, Google Map. They are fussy and not as nice as if go and look at them directly from those sites.

I could not take the picture image of the maps directly and put them over to this listing for a clear picture of them.

You can take a drive and look at it and/or look at the google map and zoom in on it.

To me there is a lot of potential there on a building. Make it like you want it.

The county has classified this as DOR Code: 51 - Trade - Wholesale Trade.

Size: 1 Acre.

The property is located about 1 or so? miles south of Carlton on the west side of the road.

The road next to the property is a State Hiway SR 153 to the east and Dancing Bear Road on the north side of the property.

Go to Google map so you can zoom in on the property with the cement slab on it.

It is a long and narrow piece of property that has a cement foundation on it.

The building on the property was called a potato shed at one time. Then a person bought it and kept his automobiles in it for storage out of the weather. This is the time the fire occurred and burned down the building.
Nothing has been done to the property since that time.

The building was destroyed by fire in the 90's and the only thing left is the cement foundation.

I was going to put a storage building back on it to put my stuff in and it never happened for all these years that I have had it.

The property had electricity on it and a water well.

Cement foundation is good to put a Storage Building on or to build a house on it to live in.

Put up a storage building with living quarters in it. Make the living quarters two story high and have a large living room and 3-4 bedrooms and bathrooms everywhere.

Being located next to the Hiway SR 153, you could put a business there if you know what would work.

It would be nice to build a building to work in and a living space so you don't have to have two places to support. A business location and another one with a house on it.

Reason for selling: Retiring, I hope and moving on.

We can do the title transfer at the local Title Transfer Company so we both would know the transaction will go though.
I do have an attorney that can do the sale and title transfer if you want.

If you want to know more about the property and contact me, you can EMAIL me or TEXT me and put the Carlton Property in the box so I know which property you want to talk about and get information on. I have couple of properties for sale on Craigslist.

If you do go and look at it, please do not trespass onto the neighbors properties. I do not know them personally but I have great respect other peoples property.

Price: $ 135,000.00

Thanks for reading the listing.

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